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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Detroit JCRC - The New Nazis

It may sound harsh to some people to refer to a recognized Jewish organization as Nazis. But after the actions of Richard Nodel, the JCRC President this past Thursday, that may actually be kind words. For in this writer's humble opinion, when you, as a Jew and the head of a Jewish organization, consort, support, and stand in solidarity with those who are known to wish the Jews dead or subjugated, Israel gone, and support Hizbollah and other terrorists, then you have just put yourself several rungs below the Nazis.

On Thursday, Mr. Nodel (who has been written about previously on Talking Tachlis when this small minded KAPO assumed that the shooter of Rep. Giffords was a member of the political right( see here )stood representing the "Jewish Community" with Al-Qazwini (read about Qwazini here) in solidarity against the freedom of speech, Constitutionally guaranteed rights of Rev. Jones. read more here.

Shame on Richard Nodel, shame on the JCRC. Exactly how ignorant are our Jewish community's "so-called" leaders? When our free speech, whether it be that of Terry Jones, or the Nazis in Skokie, is limited, we all lose - an none more than the Jews. Shouldn't they just know better? It was Hitler and the Nazis who limited speech so that what happened to 6 million Jews and 6 million others was "not spoken about."

Is Mr. Nodel so blind that he can't see that he has just handed the Jihadists and those who wish to enforce Sharia Law in our country their first victory on the road to silence those who would speak out about the realities of Islam. And how ironic, that that victory would be handed to them by a Jew.

It is time for us to disband and remove the JCRC, Nodel, Robert Cohen its Executive Director, from the Detroit Jewish landscape. We cannot afford their dangerous antics because these antics will surely result in only more pain for our people or at minimum the subjugation of future generations to the will of Islam.

And where is Mr. Nodel and the JCRC speaking up when the Islamists burn churches, urinate on Jewish graves, destroy centuries old temples, MURDER babies like the Fogels, pave the roads with the gravestones from Jewish graves? They are NO WHERE...yet when a Koran "may" be burned, they stand in solidarity with those who have applauded these disgusting acts against Jews and Christians.

Our counry's glorious history has always allowed for free speech, whether we like what that free speech says or not. As Jews, as the Jewish community, it is our sacred responsibility that we stand up for that speech. Anything else will lead to our demise.

Posted by Aerie

P.S. Kudos to the ACLU on this topic. They must be applauded for coming forward and offering to support Rev. Jones' right to free speech.

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