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Sunday, January 16, 2011

JCRC - Egg On Their Face

Richard Nodel

This week’s Jewish News (Fevered Rhetoric, Heightened Political Tensions - 1/13/2011) provides us with some insight into the exceptional expertise of the leaders of our local Jewish organizations!

Richard Nodel, President of the JCRC (Jewish Community Relations Council) offered the Detroit Jewish community these words of wisdom in response to the tragedy in Tucson, "The lesson to be learned from this tragedy is that a lack of civility in our political process creates an environment in which certain people can feel justified in taking such extreme measures."

Mr. Nodel must have unprecedented knowledge into the psyche of the shooter and a direct line to the FBI and the Tucson Police Department to have uttered such prophetic words.

Perhaps, Mr. Nodel in his capacity as the president of one of our local Jewish agencies would put his “talents” to better use by thinking before speaking.  Shame on Mr. Nodel and the JCRC for jumping into the fray of a tragedy of which they have no intimate knowledge. 

Once again, our “funded by the Federation - voice of the Detroit Jewish community,” JCRC, would be wise to wipe the egg off their face and keep this kind of over-easy comment, issued without qualification and deliberation, off the pages of our local Jewish paper. 

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