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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recommended Reading

I started reading the Qu'ran. I forced myself to slog through the first nine chapters. Then I returned it to the library. Eventually I will read it all. It is a tough read though. There is very little narrative, but a lot of rules, warnings of what will happen if you fail to follow Allah, and lots and lots of venom against Jews and Christians, but mostly against Jews. For anyone who takes this book seriously, and we know there are a lot of Muslims who do, there can be no other conclusion than Jews are the enemy of Islam.

Muslims are warned not to take Jews or Christians as friends. Jews are responsible, it seems, for rejecting prophets and for trying to turn Muslims away from Islam, at least according to the Qu'ran. I could offer quotes and links, but better you should go and read it on your own. Read it with friends. Form a study group. Rather than take the word of the liars at CAIR, find out for yourself. I know you're busy; we're all busy. Turn off the TV for a while. Take a few days off of Facebook. Read the Qu'ran.

If you want the "Cliff Notes" version, I can't recommend Andrew G. Bostom's book, The Legacy of ISLAMIC ANTISEMITISM highly enough. He has done the dirty work of surveying the history of Islam and reprinting quotes from the Qu'ran, hadiths, conferences, and other Islamic writings concerning Jews. He also quotes Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the new rulers of North Africa. It's not pretty, but that's the way it is when you decide to find the truth.

And while the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt decides whether or not to honor their peace treaty with Israel, which current president of the United States is legitimizing his Jew-hatred by calling on Qaradhawi to mediate talks (speaking of self-defeating insanity) between the U.S. and the Taliban?

Keep that in mind when you are asked to donate to the re-election of our anti-Israel president. It can be argued whether or not Obama has an animus toward Jews or not. What can't be argued is his love and lust for our money.


  1. http://www.michigandaily.com/opinion/viewpoint-have-say-take-stand#disqus_thread

    Aside from the good original article,the above responses illustrate the effectiveness of the aformentioned FEH approach, which in this example has driven one regular antisemite poster ( the lunatic Blaine " boycottapartheid" Coleman of the FEH 'wall of shame") publically and on-record bonkers and pretty well shut up an only marginally more moderate representative of a dissimulating anti-israel student group...and also drove a wedge between them..

  2. I read the article and the comments. Keep it up. This Blaine Coleman fellow is pure self-caricature.

    1. http://www.michigandaily.com/opinion/viewpoint-safe-stands-human-rights

      may i strongly suggest that , instead of just reading and approving such threads as the current one above, 'talking tachlis and its readers actually weigh in directly to the site.

      Jews grousing to the like minded are less effective that getting directly into the faces of israel's enemies locally.

  3. I have and I know others who have and do get into battles on comment sites. I'm never sure how much effect it has because I don't know how many people, except for the commentators, actually read comments.

    1. speaking for the AnnArbor case there has definitely been effect, including getting particular antisemites banned from key sites for using multiple screennames, getting them squabbling among themselves ( certainly the case in the links i've cited)...and mainly reaffirming that they don't exist in the looptape bubbles of likminded fanatics that they think they do.

    2. http://www.arabamericannews.com/news/index.php?mod=article&cat=Community&article=5281

      are you and your readers aware of this provocation??

      ( from the antisemites listed on the FEH site.. And FYI , 2 of the 4 national members of the "deir yassin remembered" scholarship committee are profiled on that site )...

      Under fire in their ann arbor homebase, these bastards are now operating in your neighborhood.