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Sunday, January 15, 2012

We Are Not Alone

That is, we are not alone in battling the Jew haters and our feckless "leaders" who would rather reach out than fight back. Here is a comment by banjopop from my previous post:

The above website is FYI and is based in Ann Arbor where a particularly small but relentlessly nasty cadre of BDS bigots has harassed a local synagogue for nearly 9 years ( with scant pushback from most of the synagogue members or officials).

One of them, Blaine Coleman ( see the " who are the herskovites" page) has even received ACLU backing for a truly vile antisemitic ad he wants run on ann arbor busses and which the transportation authority initially rejected out of hand (to their credit).

The case is pending.
I've read about these hate mongers before. I even unknowingly met one of them. Follow the link and find out more about Ann Arbor BDS fools and what's happening in Ann Arbor. As Jews, we're expected to shut our mouths and put up with this kind of intimidation.

Here is what the Jew haters and passive jihad-enablers ignore.



  1. http://www.michigandaily.com/opinion/seth-soderborg-kings-northern-dream#disqus_thread

    on the comments to this Michigan Daily article see a typical example of the aforementioned Blaine ( "boycottapartheid") Coleman's attempts to hijack any online thread and site from which he has not been banned ( as he has been from AnnArbor's main newssource, "ann arbor .com", thanks to the efforts of some who are willing to push back against rabid antisemites.

    The response to Blaine is in turn typical of such worthies.

  2. I went to the site, and I was going to leave a response, but the one that was on there would be hard to top. I notice that Mr. Blaine couldn't summon the energy to defend his idiocy.