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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will the Real Imam Rauf Please Stand Up?

            Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, in his continuing bid to brand himself as a moderate Muslim, one interested only in peaceful outreach to those of other faiths here in the United States, will be barnstorming the country on his “Meet the Imam” Charm Offensive. His other motive in traveling the nation is to solicit donations for his Cordoba Initiative, you know, the proposed 13 story Islamic center near Ground Zero, the one we’re not supposed to refer to as the “Ground Zero Mosque.”
            Other aspects of this project we’re not supposed to question are: Where are they going to get the million  of dollars they need to build this project? Who will really be served, as there are so few Muslims in the surrounding communities? The main question that we’re not allowed to ask is: Why has there been so little investigation of Imam Rauf by the American mainstream press? Are they so ready to accept their dhimmi status according to Sharia law, that they accept whatever Imam Rauf and his supporters dish out? Is “speaking truth to power” only done when there are no consequences?
            Fortunately, our Talking Tachlis crack investigative team has taken the time that the MSM has been too afraid to do to discover whether Rauf is telling the truth, or if he is indulging in taqqiya. We want to get the skinny on Rauf’s real motives behind this initiative.
            After a simple survey of some of  the available knowledge on Imam Rauf, it’s easy to conclude that we should remain suspicious of the imam. Just a few of the documented facts discovered by Alyssa Lappen of ACT! for America that the mainstream press doesn’t think are important enough to report:

In 2001 on 60 Minutes, Rauf called U.S. policies “an accessory to the crime that happened,” and said, “In ... the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden was made in the USA.”

In the fiscal year ended Jun. 30, 2009, Feisal's ASMA accepted at least $1.3 million, including $576,312 from Qatar,13 whose government stands accused of funding international terrorism, has long harbored terror financiers, and for decades hosted Muslim Brotherhood spiritual chief Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Rauf is quite friendly with Qaradawi, a large, founding shareholder in terror-funding al-Taqwa Bank who champions sharia law, wife beating and suicide bombing.

Rauf seeks more U.S. legal “leeway” for sharia --- to put Muslims above the law --- by “[Inviting] voices of all religions to join the dialogue in shaping the nation’s practical
life, [and allowing] religious communities ... to judge ...according to their own laws.

In March 2010, also in Arabic, Rauf stridently denounced interfaith discussions. “I don't believe in interfaith dialogue,” he said in an article that highlighted his statement in its headline.

            There is much more, including Rauf’s connections to Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood. And the fact that he has completely, and without challenges from those who should know better, misrepresented the contents of his book. The American edition is called, What’s Right with Islam Is What’s Right with America. The earlier Malaysian edition though, was printed under the title, A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post-911.Dawa”, like “jihad” is a word we need to understand. Dawa means to invite non-Muslims to accept the truth of Islam . . . by any means necessary.
Others have already done the digging. It’s up to us to read what they found and add our voices to those already informing the public and protesting this Islamic insult to our nation especially since, when Rauf does come to Dearborn on January 15, we can depend on both the Detroit News and Free Press to fawn over this alleged model of moderateness.
It’s interesting that Rauf’s first event on his tour will be the First Annual ISNA Diversity Forum, organized by the Islamic Society of North America. Diversity, eh? Will this be the Helen Thomas brand of diversity? Or will it be even worse?

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