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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Welcome to Talking Tachlis, a new blog representing a collective of metro Detroiters speaking out on matters of concern to our local Jewish community.  “Talking tachlis” is a Yiddish colloquialism that means talking substance;  getting down to business, the brass tacks.  And that’s what we intend to do:  to be the antidote to the PC (political correctness) that is a vastly under-appreciated danger to Jews everywhere.  
We offer an alternative perspective to the mainline Jewish organizations, which may not adequately confront the risks facing us.  Talking Tachlis is a work in progress, reflecting our commitment to vigorously assert for our needs and interests in order to sustain a strong and vibrant Jewish Detroit.
Our writers’ co-op will feature issues often bypassed in our Jewish press and common discourse that nonetheless have a significant impact on our community.  We will present original analysis and commentary, as well as passing along and posting articles, briefings and opinion pieces we believe warrant greater attention.   
 About us:  We are a diverse swath of the community – young, old and in-between; student, professional, volunteers, retired.  We don't feign to have the answers; we  merely ask the questions and present relevant information. In so doing, we hopefully raise the bar on proper due diligence so that our decision-makers will be more likely to act to safeguard the welfare of our community.

Feel free to comment, but please do so intelligently and respectfully.

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