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Monday, May 23, 2011

Not a Peace Plan -- Israel is Peace Offering

In a day and age when the racist notion of the “house Negro” has finally, thankfully been laid to rest, it is the height of hypocrisy and anti-Semitism that the media and political pundits berate Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for not assuming the submissive posture of the “House Jew.”  We at Talking Tachlis are so proud of PM Netanyahu’s rejoinder to President Obama last Friday in the Oval Office after their private meeting (see their exchange here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l28xJitnP78&feature=youtu.be  or click in at 7:10 to hear Bibi:
Bibi’s  stirring defense of the Jewish homeland exemplified what true leadership is.  His extemporaneous appeal for Israel’s survival was so powerful and poignant it was as though G-d Almighty was speaking through Bibi.    Bibi spoke from the heart; he was strong, direct and clear.
That’s why the criticism of his remarks is so out of bounds. We were painfully dismayed to hear Bibi’s commentary blasted as “disrespectful” of President Obama.  The characteristically amnesiac press seems to have forgotten about the humiliation visited upon Netanyahu and his official coterie in March of 2010 when Obama walked out of a meeting and left them hanging while he went for dinner with Michelle. Talking heads fixated on sensationalizing the apparent tension between Obama and Netanyahu and castigated Bibi for “lecturing” and “schooling” the US President.  In a glorious display of Jewish strength, Bibi refused to play the role of the “dhimmi” Jew, the “sha-shtill” obsequious ghetto Jew of yore.  How dare a Jew stand resolute in defense of our homeland and our peoplehood, and in the White House, no less?   This is what elicited the firestorm of controversy that has ensued and been a sorry distraction from the substance of the messages delivered and the gravity of what is at stake.
Bibi could not have been any more compelling in making his case to the President and to the callous world that he bears the same awesome responsibility in protecting the safety and security of his citizens as does President Obama.  Just as the US had the right and responsibility to commit our troops and our nation’s blood and treasure a half a world away in Afghanistan to take out Osama bin Laden to protect our children, Israel too has the same right and responsibility to refuse to negotiate with Hamas terrorists storming their gates killing their children.
Bibi plaintively sought to soften the Pharaoh Obama's heart, but apparently to no avail.  The Israeli PM gently reminded Obama that Hamas recently launched anti-tank missiles at a yellow school bus, killing a 16-year-old boy, and politely pointed out that Hamas is the Palestinian version of al Qaeda.
TT prays that in his address before AIPAC this evening and again in his speech to Congress Tuesday, Bibi holds fast in his insistence that Israel will NOT  negotiate with a PA unity government with Hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews worldwide. It is in America’s interests as well that all further “peace” talks be put on hold until Fatah and Hamas renounce their genocidal charters, stop their incitement to hate and violence, dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism and FINALLY demonstrate a willingness to recognize the Jewish state and to uphold the pledges they have repeatedly made and broken.
To do otherwise is to turn a blind eye to the blood-soaked record of Hamas and to reward terrorism.  This is the Second Coming of Yasser Arafat.  Either the US and rest of the so-called civilized world recognize Hamas et al for what they are and shuns them accordingly, or we continue to embrace them as we did Yasser Arafat and treat them as the victim darlings of the world.  If we betray Israel, we will no doubt unleash the third intifada in Israel and accelerate the carnage of global jihad.
Talk of 1967 borders, land swaps, right of return and and all ancillary issues should remain off the table UNTIL Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syria and the full constellation of Iran’s proxies and terror threats to Israel have laid down their arms and renounced their evil ways. Instead of pressuring Israel for more and more concessions which only emboldens the  terror masters and their clients,  America should use its full weight and whatever is left of its moral authority to crush terror organizations and punish their sponsors.  If we fail to excise the threat, the “cells” will only metastasize.
After all, if we Talk Tachlis, this conflict is not about the little spittle of land that is Israel.  It certainly is not about resources.  The hard truth is that Israel is the outpost of democracy in the Middle East; the forward base and proxy of the free world.  Hamas and the PA are proxies of Iran, which is racing to nuclear capability in its quest to rid the world of both the Little Satan and the Big Satan. 
Israel is but a speedbump, the first road block to Muslim hegemony of the Mideast and the further conquest of the Western world and establishment of the global caliphate.
This is not about a “peace plan.”  This is about the willingness of this Administration to sacrifice Israel as a peace offering.
--posted by MT Beadle and The Mole

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