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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Analysis, Insight on Egyptian Crisis

As crisis continues to quake Egypt and roil much of the Arab world, here are some articles, backgrounders and interviews that may be of interest.

Hannity Interview with UK Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary
In this explosive interview, Fox's Sean Hannity drives at the alarming agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam, including the annihilation of Israel and the imposition of global Islamic shariah.  Must watch!

Haaretz:  Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt
Jimmy Carter will go down in American history as "the president who lost Iran," which during his term went from being a major strategic ally of the United States to being the revolutionary Islamic Republic. Barack Obama will be remembered as the president who "lost" Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, and during whose tenure America's alliances in the Middle East crumbled.
Continue here for full op-ed

Why the Mullahs Cheer for the  Brotherhood

Observers following tumultuous events across the Middle East in recent days may find it confusing that Iranian leadership figures would be cheering for the protesters in the streets of Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere. After all, not only are most Iranians Shi’ite Muslims, while the majority of the angry crowds calling for the downfall of Arab dictatorships are Sunni, but Iran faces its own Greens Movement opposition that continues to demand regime change in Tehran. It is worth noting that the Iranian regime crackdown against its own people’s uprising has been far more brutal than anything seen so far in either Egypt or Tunisia.

Read the full analysis by former CIA agent Clare Lopez

The Muslim Brotherhood: the enemy in its own words

As Egypt lurches towards the end of Hosni Mubarak's regime, one way or another - by "an orderly transition to democratic rule" (as Hillary Clinton delicately puts it), through violent overthrow or simply through the demise of the ailing 82-year-old president - much is unclear. One thing that should not be is that the Muslim Brotherhood is our enemy, and whatever role it plays in Egypt's future will be to our detriment                                                                                                                 To continue...

The Muslim Brotherhood is the Enemy
“It is now public knowledge that nearly every major Muslim organization in the United States is actually controlled by the MB or a derivative organization."
To continue...

Worldwide Islamist Revolution explodes

As powder keg spreads across Mideast, clerics celebrate rise of Muslim power            

David Rubin, former mayor of the Israeli town of Shiloh and author of the book "The Islamic Tsunami," warns that the Obama administration cannot continue to ignore the Muslim Brotherhood's and other Islamist groups' greater goals.
"There is a plan to take over Western civilization," Rubin told The Washington Times, "and we need to recognize it for what it is." "Confronting the growing threat to Western civilization first involves admitting the problem exists, something President Obama not only refuses to do but strongly denies," a Times editorial on Rubin continues. "The administration has censored any discussion of the problem in these terms within the government, preferring to focus on ill-defined 'violent extremism' when the real extremist threat is only partly violent and wholly Islamicist."

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