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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Question Worth Asking

I did not come with this. Someone who has nothing to do with this blog did. So I'm going to rephrase it.

Question: Why are our Muslim neighbors only now discovering and making noise about the despotic regimes throughout the Middle East and North Africa? I've been reading in our local papers how upset local Muslims are about how their family members who weren't lucky enough to join them in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, are suffering under various tyrants in their former home nations. Why did they wait until now to hit the streets in protest? Why hadn't they been lobbying their representatives to put pressure on the dictators who are now facing the wrath of their own citizens?

OK, so that was more than one question, but all with the same theme.

As I recall, before this awakening of revolutionary change against oppressive kleptocrats, our Muslim neighbors only raised their voices and made posters decrying the only non-authoritarian country in that entire region, you know, Israel, that tiny Jewish state that's surrounded by a ring of hostile Islamic dictatorial regimes. Now that the news media is being forced to show the world the true face of the Islamo-fascist regimes, the "Zionist Entity"doesn't look too bad.

For those whose anti-Semitism - uh - I mean anti-Zionism has so poisoned their mind with hatred, that they still refuse to acknowledge the truth, I have one more question up my sleeve. But it's not really mine. I stole it and I'm reprinting it as it was asked:
How do you explain the whole Arab world raising against dictators, sacrificing lives in thousands.. everywhere except PA and Israeli Arab sector? - ..these ones are supposed to be first victims of "Zionist genocide".
Great question if you're walking the streets of Dearborn these days.
By Cowznofski

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