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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Invited the Vampires Into Our House?

As we watch the events unfold in Egypt, we listen to the multitude of experts warn us against letting the Muslim Brotherhood gain a foothold in that country.  Bob Sklar, Editor for the Jewish News had an excellent column, The Right Brotherhood? in this week's JN.  He spells out in detail the dangers of this organization bent on waging jihad in, "pursuit of a shariah-governed global Islamic state known as the caliphate." 

We all remember the stories about not inviting vampires into our homes, because without an invitation they cannot enter, and you remain safe within you own house.  So while we are all pondering the fate of Egypt and the implications of the Brotherhood there, one has to wonder who is watching our front door? 

In our Jewish community there are many organizations that are looked to for advice, protection, and information.  Whether an NGO like the Jewish Community Relations Council, The Jewish News, or our local temples and synagogues, we like to believe that they have the best interests of our Jewish community and the Jewish people at heart.  We assume that they do their due diligence before they partner with outside organizations like CAIR or the Arab American News.

But after this writer read today’s Jewish News, one can only conclude that not only do these organizations not know better, they fail to take even the requisite few minutes needed to find out who they are inviting into “our” house.  In fact, their modus operandi is to want to be “friends and neighbors” with anyone and everyone no matter their history, background, or motives.  And now it appears that they have opened the front door and invited in the vampires that are just waiting to suck (or in the case of the Muslim Brotherhood – slit a throat here or there) the blood right out of all of us.

The JN article “Faith Filled” 2/10/2011, about the world faith Sabbath, held at Temple Israel on January 30th, reported that many religious leaders from around the metro Detroit area were invited to participate in the event. 

Alarmingly, one of the participants was Imam Achman Salie.  A five minute Internet search revealed a bevy of information about Salie, and all of it very disturbing.

It was easy to find out that the Imam is a faculty member at Oakland University who “works closely” with the MSA (Muslim Student Association).  The MSA, according The Investigative Project has its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood.  But that is not Salie’s only connection to the MB.  He is also on staff at the Fairfax Institute and listed on the instructors page.  That seems innocent enough, until you find out that the Fairfax Institute is part of the International Institute of Islamic Thought or the IIIT as it is more commonly known. 

And who exactly is the IIIT?  Andy McCarthy, former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and renowned author and expert on Islam and jihad in his article International Institute of Islamic Thought and the Muslim Brotherhood clearly lays out the connection between the IIIT, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Holy Land Foundation Trial. According to McCarthy, "To begin with, the Brotherhood is prominently cited in DOJ’s coconspirator list for the HLF case. More significantly, central to the HLF prosecution was the Brotherhood’s 1991 internal memorandum, discussed in my column. The IIIT is expressly identified by the Muslim Brotherhood in that memorandum as being among “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.”

So, this begs the question: If Imam Achman Salie is tied to the MSA and the IIIT and if the both these organizations are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, then why in the world would Temple Israel invite the vampire into our house?

posted by Aerie

2/15/2011 Update:

Here is the description about Salie as he is listed on the Fairfax Institute website:

Imam Achmat Salie holds the Alim Fadil Kamil degree in Islamic Jurisprudence, graduate degree in Arabic, MBA in E-Commerce, and doctrorate in Business Leadership.  He is the coordinator of the Islamic studies program.  He contributed to the book by Sally G. Bingham, Leading Religious Voices Speak Out on Our Sacred Duty to Protect the Environment.  He works closely with the Muslim Students Association at OU, offering advising and counseling, and speaking at on-going interfaith events. He directs the Islamic Center and participates on the advisory boards of the Islamic University Bank, Huda Montessori and Michigan Interfaith Power and Light. He is at work on a book and articles exploring the theme of Muhammad as CEO and servant leader.  He can be reached at mailto:salie@oakland.edu  Courses:  Islamic Literature, Islamic Ethics, Muhammad and the Quran, Muslims in America, Introduction to Islam, History of Islam.

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